Leif Österman

- 1963 Stockholm -

Leif Österman is a Swedish artist born in Stockholm in 1963.
Heir to Scandinavian painting after 1948, he’s motivated by the ejection of conventions and one could say that concerning him it is ratter a state of mind.
His pictural work expresses the desire for spontaneous and intuitive expression. Completely uninhibited, his painting is nourished by freedom and an optimistic ecology which finds its roots in Nordic culture.
He has a disturbing and personal vision of perspective which he sometimes cheerfully reverses. What is close is then sent back into the distance in the background and what is far is suddenly found nearby.
The approach of this Swedish landscaper goes through the material/color association thanks the larges impastos. The expressive drawing and the color intermingle violently until the limit of the identifiable. This riot of material deployed in the force grabbed the environment in the wavy flares sometimes hot sometimes cold.
The few houses, lighthouses and barracks scattered throughout the landscape are drawn into the turmoil of a whirlwind that dislocates all forms and takes us into an energetic process between abstraction and figuration.
Works in Malmo Museum, Göteborgs Kunsthall, Statens Konsrad MM