Jean Pierre Muller

- 1967 Belgium -

Jean Pierre Muller makes an eclectic synthesis of painted assemblages using high and low forms and techniques. Photography, drawing,silk screen and painting merge; gestural and mechanical interventions meet. He offers a vision of the world , a world of consumption and iconic history. He is determined to find new participatory ways of reaching his audience.

In the city of Saragossa he transformed the Museum of Contemporary Art into a temple, while in the Belgian Pavillion at the Hanover World Fair he created a "journey to the inside of a Belgian "via a typical domestic interior. Most recently his collaborations with musicians offer an interactivity to his paintings, creating a new kind of art object.

Jean pierre Muller has worked with seven of the world's most renowned musicians to develop his combined interest in music and painting through a series of interactive sound sculptures titled" 7x7 Project" to be launched in the UK in the summer of 2012.