Maria-Krisztina Nagy

- 1990 ROMANIA -

Maria - Krisztina Nagy lives and works in Brussels. She has a BFA in Painting from the Cluj -Napoca University of Art and Design in Romania and an MFA in Fine Arts from Sint-Lukas, Brussels.

Her current work consists predominantly of a combination of painting and self-generated collage material. The images shown here inhabit an eerily unsettling landscape inspired by Nagy's reading of the Strugatsky Brothers' novel Roadside Picnic (also the source material for Andrei Tarkovsky's cinematic masterpiece Stalker).

Roadside Picnic describes an area known as 'The Zone' - an alien-visited landscape where the laws of nature have been mysteriously revised and nothing is truly as it seems; an inverted and disintegrated world into which Nagy introduces fragments of human figures, subverted architectural forms, layers of paint, scraps of collage and glimpses of personal biography to create an insistent rhythm of opacity and transparency, flatness and relief.

A beguiling, paradoxical elegance emerges from Nagy's work: as the viewer's eye searches for a point of resolution in this restless world, it is drawn to mirror the besieged psychology of an individual consciousness seeking a path through the fallen debris of once monumental certainties.