- 1958 Belarus -

Igor Tishin is one of the most important representatives of Belarusian painting and perfectly illustrates this specificity. His work consists of a major quest for this Belarusian identity.


The artist explores with the help of metaphors, the collective consciousness of his people, where the spirit of Chagall as well as the naive folklore of the 19th century persist in wanting to color life, although the dark Soviet dogmas still hover. TISHIN's gaze is offbeat, he constantly swings between reality and imagination, between identity and otherness. His disturbing brush strokes lead to an insolent work, animated by derision but it must be said that the trick is to know how to read between the lines. Many colors around the painted heads and the scenes are often associated with words from Western literature.


Thus, Igor TISHIN comments, provokes and recklessly breaks his own stylistic forms, he fights like a wolf in order to preserve his dreams and the original cultural consciousness of his people.