- 1967 Brussels -

Bertrand Burgalat once wrote: “What characterises Jean Pierre Müller – written without the hyphen – is precisely his quest for a sign of unity. Throughout his œuvre, in his unique rapport with music and visual arts, whether he is working with Aimé Mpane at Tervuren's AfricaMuseum or teaching at La Cambre, lies a determination to literally bring forms and beings together. This desire runs deep in his collaborations with Sean O'Hagan, Nile Rodgers, Archie Shepp, and the 7x7 Sound Paintings.” The approach of Brussels-native Jean Pierre Müller extends across several universes, including music, mythology, and urban culture. Essentially focusing on human activity, his colourful artworks are highly rhythmically charged whilst his aesthetic expresses itself through overcrowding, overspilling, and accumulation. Some critics liken his work to that of Belgian Fauvist artists like Edgard Tytgat and Rik Wouters. While his art is seldom autobiographical, it opens up to an infinitely intimate perspective, reflecting the struggle that lies deep within himself.