- 1948 Brussels -

Philippe Decelle is well know in the world of Belgium contemporary art. At sixteen he creates his first work and was recognized at the age of twenty with the award of The Young Belgium Painting Prize. Although the geometric abstraction influence was always his background, his line was already precise, his work clear. Quickly, Philippe Decelle expressed a personal vision of his environment, always mindfull for the perfect expression of line, choice of colors and harmony of form. The artist's civil engineering study reinforces the tendency for geometrical repetion.His work reflects an ordely world with axioms of symmetry, matrix, fractals... and even in some works , he provides an answer to the dilemma between order and informality.In all his work the artist strives and feels deeply for the equilibrium, in order to provide link to the work of mathematicians of past civilizations. (Text. J. Rousseaux)