Scarlett Platel was born in England in 1987 and trained at Brighton University College of Art. Both she and her work are entirely of their time and place; Western Europe at the beginning of the 21st century. 


Using photographic and dark room techniques, Platel assembles concepts and images as they emerge from the complex legacy of psychoanalytical and spiritual thought. She reconstructs these potent symbols and primitive shapes, blending them with dyadic archetypes and vivid colours, creating her own phantasmagoria of existence. 


With their glowing, dreamlike quality, Platel’s work seems to inhabit a subconscious expanse, where mundane objects are illuminated with a subtle prescience, sometimes sinister, at other times sublime.


At 27, Platel has committed herself to her creative and spiritual journey. The lens is fresh and clear, the mind sharp and bright and the soul deep and restless.