- 1947 -

No one engaged in the making of images can dispense with the question of their relationship to ideas. Artists, no less than anyone, live in a world of notions: we absorb informations and process them into ideals which orient our actions.


Images cannot be just diversions from reflexion, but are part of our world view. How can we control what our images mean?


My work is founded on a conviction tha the image is a secondary manifestation of representation, of which the textual form is the reality. The image is just an illusory subjective effect.


The artist should consider his inner world in as much as it presents a really available configuration of shared cultural values.


work various media – painting,photography and video, all with a strong digital import.


The paintings bring together lines and colors, and also figurative motifs with an elusive content, where synesthaetic colour play a major role.


Photographs also are assemblages of lines and colours, but in the causal chains that produce them, an external scene, acting as a physical trace, imposes its specific presence, and all photograph has a documentary reality. But the passive captation of the decisive instant is not a dogma : the image recomposes the many facets of a duration of up to an hour or two.


There is more a decisive moment than a decisive instant.